Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Tanya Steele over at Shadow and Act just read Gawker, Homeboy Sandman and everyone who thinks they can blame the continuance of white racism on black people.

...And, I see this constantly. White folks just sitting back and benefitting from our suffering. Yes, benefiting. Who do you think benefits from stories like Donald Sterling? Whose coffers are filled? It becomes a freak show in the media. An endless sideshow of replayed tape recordings, images of a broken and clearly insane man (Donald Sterling) and his equally disturbed mistress get paraded before us. And, we click on the stories, watch the shows and the commercials that sponsor the freak show. And, the media outlets benefit. Nothing in the culture changes. Not the complexion of the board rooms, not the complexion of Hollywood studio Executives. Nothing. Nada. Zero. Zip. But, Black folks are asked to "do something"....

....Gawker? What does your Editorial staff look like? Who owns the site? Who benefits from the click on Sandman's article? How many Black folks do you employ? How many Black writers are given an audience on your site? Yes, I am thankful that you had the good sense to feature Kiese Laymon. That was a great move. Who else? Who gets the most money from the number of clicks that the "Black People Are Cowards" article receives?


The punctuation is kinda weird but the article's content is spot-on.

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