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Gawker Media Blogs & Sub-blogs: Purposes and Posting Privileges

Lots of newcomers to the Gawker Media/Kinja world have questions about the different main blogs like Gawker or Deadspin (also called mainpages, gawker sites) and their sub-blogs or forums, so here's a guide to getting the much soughtafter posting privileges!

Each main blog has a general reader forum run by community moderators, so follow the provided links to learn more about how to post in these forums. The grey/black commenting system is the same as on the main page but because there are many more authors and far fewer comments, it's much easier to be followed by an author and have your comments appear black.


The main blogs also have smaller off shoot blogs about more specific topics. These generally have one contributor rather than a communal system (closed) but there's some really interesting stuff there and they're open for comments. You can access them via drop down menus from the main blogs they're associated with.

There are also a handful topic blogs that aren't directly associated with a main blog at the bottom of this list, posting guide included.

Gawker - NYC Media and Gossip

Crosstalk - Reader Forum , Posting Guide


Interviews - Interviews, Closed

Dodge And Burn- Photography, Closed

Defamer- Hollywood Gossip and News, Closed

Jezebel -Celebrity, Sex, Fashion for Women

Groupthink - Reader Forum, Posting Guide


Powder Room - Feminist topics, Closed

Deadspin - Sports

Sidespin- Reader Forum, Posting Guide


Foodspin -Food, Closed

Screengrabber - Sports Screenshots, Closed

The Stacks - Best Sports Journalism, Closed

Kotaku - Video Games and East Asian Pop Culture

Talk Amongst Yourselves- Reader Forum, Posting Guide


Watchlist - Videos, Closed

Selects- Best of Kotaku, Closed

Lifehacker- Productivity Tips

Hackerspace - Reader Forum, Posting Guide


Gizmodo- Gadgets and Tech

Whitenoise- Reader forum, Posting Guide


Paleofuture- The Future that Never Was, Closed

Gizmodo en Espanol - Gizmodo in Spanish, Closed

Leg Godt- Legos, Closed

i09 - Science Fiction

Observation Deck- Reader Forum, Posting Guide__


Space- Space, Closed

Upgrade- Body Modification/Upgrades, Closed

Morning Spoilers- Spoilers, Closed

Jalopnik- Car and Automobile Culture

Opposite Lock- Reader Forum, Posting Guide or contact Gamecat235


Detroit- Detroit News, Closed

Ride Apart- 2 Wheel Vehicles, Closed

Drive- Car Videos, Closed

Valleywag- Silicon Valley and Tech Gossip

Sub-blogs not associated with a Main Blog

Mezzotempo - Music and Art, Posting Guide or contact Gamecat235


Clashtalk - Everything, Posting Guide


Photography - Photography, Posting Guide or contact Gamecat235

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