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I'm sorry, but WTF is this? Imma need Uncle Ruckus* this ass-captain to sit the fuck down, because I have allll the gifs for him:


*ETA: Ok, Uncle Rukus was a little misplaced. I get his revolutionary spirit, but WTF dude? Please, sit there as a person who makes his living getting paid by white people (white people with a problematic history of dealing with race) to write shit and tell the rest of us we're cowards for getting up every damn day and doing what we need to do to survive. The revolution works in all kinds of ways, dummy. Some of us do it by raising our children to be what we couldn't. Some of us do it by marching in the streets. Some of us (try to) do it through conscious consumerism or writing. And some of us do it by being fucking fabulous and taking all the shit so we can open doors for those behind us. Was Hattie McDaniels a coward? What about the early LGB performers who lived in a glass closet? Jackie Robinson? Fuck you for thinking your kind of activism is the only kind that means something. You don't inspire someone with PTSD by calling them a coward. Fuck you for heaping unearned shit upon people who have already been generationally traumatized.


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