I am getting really excited that a lot of these "backwoods" states (Kentucky, Virginia) are striking down various anti-gay marriage laws. I know the legal implications in each individual state is different. Here in Louisiana, these couples who are fighting are legally married in other states but Louisiana refuses to recognize it.

Why is this ok, given that DOMA was struck down? It's not ok, but the area is grey and the states have been allowed to get away with a lot. But I think those days are numbered.

Here's the thing - I work with a lot of very conservative people from all over Louisiana (even though I live in liberal New Orleans) and, I know this is not statistical evidence, but most of them don't give a shit if gay couples were married. Not one shit. These are god-fearing, churchgoing Republicans, and they have taken a stance of, "Marry whoever the fuck you want, I'll sit over here in church." I mean, these guys are straight up Duck Dynasty (even supporting whatshisface during that mini-scandal), yet they STILL don't care enough to BAN recognition of these marriages.

There are plenty of people who are still standing up to oppose the gays, sure - including (and most importantly) most of the local politicians and our Muppet villain of a governor. But things, they are a-changing.