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Gay Fashion!

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Oh wait. I mean wearing gay people as fashion.

I had to descreetly take this photo, I hope you can see what's going on here. This is a jacket with a gigantic image of two muscley shirtless obviously gay men staring sexily into each others eyes in the style of Tom of Finland. The woman is seated, but when she stands up, you can see the entire jacket is taken up by the gay image.


Um what? The first thing I thought of were those terrible naked Oprah dresses. Am I crazy for being super offended that a straight woman (I assume since she was on a date with a man, but a lesbian wearing this wouldnt be any better in my opinion) would wear gay people like a fashion statement?


Does anyone else think this is gross and offensive? How is it okay to wear gay people as a fashion statement? Does it not literally objectify? I'm offended. I don't think its acceptable to use a minority group of people as accessories.

I don't find it flattering. I don't find it cute. I don't find it honors or respects gay people. I don't find it makes an anti-homophobia statement - I find is relegates gay people to accessories a-la harajuku girls. It makes gay people into collectible objects. I cannot think of any reason it would be okay.

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