You knew they were linked, right?

Well, according to former UKIP member Mr Silvester, our recent batch of flooding is due to the recent change in the law.

I'm only writing this as an excuse to share the glorious fuckery that has resulted from his comments. First up - very important weather warnings on Twitter; choice examples include

A lingering look between 2 men at a gym in York has sparked concerns from residents living near the River Ouse

Dark clouds are forming over the Midlands following voluntary sexual intercourse between two unmarried persons

Next we have the Shipping Forecast. No, not the Tumblr kind of shipping. The one that reminds every Brit abroad of home. Apparently if Radio 4 stops broadcasting, it's one of the signs that things have gone Very Wrong over here.

Press Play (Bongo Bongo Land reference here)

Other revelations include equatorial countries merely needing to legalise gay marriage to prevent drought...


Edit: Bonus Apocalyptic Shipping Forecast