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Gaza, Syria, Ukraine and the rise of "oh dearism"

So recently the news has definitely taken a certain spin in the recent months even on Jez, with a lot of the comment now being "Humanity continues to be awful, ex. 1048...". It reminds me a lot of a short video that documentary maker Adam Curtish did for Charlie Brooker's screenwipe about the rise of what he termed "Oh dearism". The video's a bit old, but still relevant in my opinion:

Now, I tend to think that the current conflicts are falling into this pattern of 'Oh dearism' that Adam Curtis describes. We seem to have been reduced into a kind of state of just decrying the evils of humanity, and then moping about it. We seem to have all come to the conclusion, wrongly or rightly, that there is nothing that can ever be done. This seems not only serially depressing, but also a terrible world view to me. We need to take a step back and stop reducing complex political conflicts to the level of "Why can't we all just get along!?"

Any thoughts on the video GT?


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