Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

GBBO meets Shakespeare (OT if you wanna)

I am on vacation at our family’s lake property, and it has been damned cold. These places are summer homes, so no heat, no insulation... I bought shorts and a bathing suit for the trip, but it has been too cold for any of it. Luckily I brought a couple of long things (leggings, long pjs) and bought a sweatshirt at the airport. But it’s cold, damp, and depressing here. It’s a nice break in some ways from the swamp that overtook Chicago this week, I guess.


Yesterday (my first full day here), I took a shower and didn’t want to use my shower gel to wash my ears bc it has scrubby bits in it. So, I used a shower gel that was in the shower. I put it on my ears and it didn’t foam and wouldn’t rinse off. Turns out it was shower lotion. I told my mom, and she insisted it was shower gel - she had bought it and insisted it both foamed AND rinsed off. Turns out I was right. But when I washed my ears, some of the lotion got into my ears - and it has been painful and affected my hearing. Shouldn’t that stuff be absorbing? It’s possible the pain is related to the dampness - I’ve had bad headaches the whole time here.

Today we are going to walk along a river into town - so that should be fun. What’s the haps with you?

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