I'm just gonna complain for a little while here.

I woke up this morning from a really awful dream that had me wasting an hour or more googling interpretive meanings. I am definitely not the type to dream of murdering someone in a hotel room, cleaning it up, slipping through the back hallways to do it again, and then lead the subsequent police investigation. Nope. Just nope. No idea WTF is going on there. Can I blame it on watching Walking Dead?

Today, I also had to show the first floor of the building our studio was in and sell that to the prospective tenants. For the multiple hours that took, I should have been getting back to my own clients and gearing up for a shoot I have tomorrow. I ended up having to skip one, possibly two meals today.

Neither of those things win the gold medal today, though. Someone decided to try and compete their grief with mine. Please 65 year-old woman, please tell me how you are more shaken up by the long-expected death of your 80-something year-old relative, and I should be grateful for my much smaller grief. Please tell me how that's more devastating than the sudden suicide of my 26 year-old brother and how I should show empathy, which, I don't think means what you think it means.

I hate everyone.