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GE #28 - Conspiracy Theorists

Something awful possessed me today to take a look at the news coverage of my brother's death. I have to thank the IRL Troll Patrol again for taking your no-nonsense good sense out to the news blogs, because there still aren't any nasty comments. But there are some that strike me as a bit funny.

Those who have followed from the beginning will remember how I said I was grateful that the police had kept the details and his name out of the news reports (Seriously, no one does research anymore. It's ridiculous.).


Well, there are some commentators who don't feel the same way and have seen this as an opportunity to craft some conspiracy theories. The most outspoken are divided into two camps. Paraphrased from 5 different sites for your reading pleasure:

Camp I -

This is not a suicide, but a murder that was successfully covered up. The police figured it out (or committed it depending on who you're quoting), but not until after the paperwork had been filed. And since no one claimed this victim with only a known first name, they didn't bother to pursue the investigation.

Camp II -

The suicide did not actually happen, rather this is an attempt by the media to terrorize the local residents and drive fear into their hearts. That's why there have been no details and no updates on the story, because there aren't any.


I'm almost tempted to comment, but I'm also not that foolish.

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