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GE #34 - Dream

As I was falling asleep last night, I dreamed that I was having a conversation with a bunch of people in a car. The car pulled into a spot in a parking lot, and we got out of the car to walk into a diner (couldn't pin down which one, but it was one of three that my family used to frequent). I turned back to the car to continue the conversation I can no longer remember, and there, having just exited the car, is my brother. I took a long moment to drink him in, his curly hair pointing every which way, his shockingly green eyes that not a single photo does justice to, and his bright smile. Suddenly, I remembered that he's not supposed to be there, that I'm not supposed to be able to see him. Before my lucidity can completely dissolve the dream, I grab him and hug him as hard as I can. My pounding heart and his arms around me are the last things I was aware of before I fell asleep.


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