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While I did have a lovely dream about my brother over the Christmas weekend, the waking world leaves something to be desired.

On Saturday, I had to walk out of The Nerdy Mr's family Christmas to avoid tearing his godfather a new asshole. As we're sitting around the kitchen after dinner, making the transition to dessert, he and another relative get into this conversation:

Relative: Our family sure has gotten smaller over the years.

Godfather: Smaller? I think decimated is the right word.

Fucking excuse me? I am truly sorry your father died, dude, but all of your siblings are still living and one of your parents is still living, and you are in your late 40's. In the meantime I can look across the table and see the only person in my family left alive. You have no idea what decimated means.


So, I walked out instead of saying all that.

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