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Gee, Thanks for the Gift

So, a few pieces of background info. My weight has fluctuated a lot in my life. I naturally tend to be heavier and in the past have not quite developed a serious eating disorder but have resorted to some extremes to lose weight. As far as my father is concerned, the most important thing about me has always been my weight. He has little to no interest in any of the details of my life, except for what I look like and how that might affect my chances of getting married.

Also, over the last few years he's gotten really into meditation and is obsessed with this book A Course in Miracles, and a bunch of other books that people have written about the original book. For at least the past 5 or 6 years he has been trying to get me into this, even though I have less than no interest in it, and have tried to express to him that while I'm glad he's found something that helps him, I personally feel that he's trying to proselytize, and that I don't really need him telling me that I suck at life and would be so much better off if I did things his way.


I went to visit him this afternoon and he "gifted" me a book that uses the philosophies of A Course in Miracles as a weight loss guide. WHO THE FUCK GIVES SOMEONE A WEIGHT LOSS BOOK THAT THEY DID NOT ASK FOR AS A FUCKING GIFT? I'm so fucking angry.

Anyway, what is the shittiest gift you all have ever gotten?

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