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Gee, thanks Mom

My mom called to double-check on meal details for Thanksgiving. For background purposes, I am an only child, raised by working parents who split once I was in college. My mom is remarried and lives in the town we moved to when I got my higher ed position. I'll be honest, she makes a better grandma than she did mother, really. She's more cuddly - for lack of a better description - as a grandma than she ever was as a mother. She helped care for my kids immensely once she moved here, and my kids adore her. And really, I find her pretty enjoyable to be around, in a friendly sort of way.

So, when my mom called, I was telling her about my latest escapades with MountainTeen ... namely, her near failing in math and how I thought she had redeemed herself by taking care of me when I came down with a sudden, horrible UTI (but truly she was trying to convince me to let her out of her weekend grounding). Mom said to me, "Well, you know, at times like this, there's really only one thing I can think to say to you ...


Sucks to be you."

Seriously? That's all the motherly wisdom you've got for me? Holy crap.

No wonder I'm such an insufferable smartass. Thanks for the help, Mom.

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