Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Gee, Tumblr, thanks for that

I'm signing up for Tumblr to start a cathartic tumblr called "Things He Doesn't Do" so I can post pictures of me fixing things and cleaning the base of the toilet in hopes of assuaging the simmering resentment of my life. Tumblr is where the angst goes, from my understanding. Anyway, they wanted to know how old I was. Fine, I typed in "30" ... and they autofilled "years young."

:record scratch:

Years young?

Years... young?

So, like any curious, red blooded person I backspaced and typed in "18" and they autofilled "years old." Oh, it's like that Tumblr? OK, at what age do you think we start needed such trite, cutesy reassurance? 25? Nope, they're still OK with being called old. 29? Still on this side.


It's 30. 30 is when Tumblr calls you old by calling you young.

Thanks, Tumblr. On second thought, is this an Instagram thing?

Maybe I am old.

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