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This site. This site solved my geek girl clothing problem. There are so many shirts made by artists that depict anything you would desire, from comic books to adorable. I bought 7 shirts, including this one with The Comedian and this adorable Iron Man one. Among 5 others. I'm addicted. The shirts have the option of customizing the color and size/gender. I will be buying more. If you're into geekery or anything else-Harry Potter, Dr. Who, even Sleeping Beauty-this is the best. Seriously, it was the answer to my prayers. I just had to spread the word! (Note: I do not own the site, so I don't think this counts as promotion. Just tryin' to help my fellow geek jezzies out!)

I've been on a massive online shopping spree lately, and found a really cute Etsy shop to, if you want me to post it. Also, I may have bought Iron Man panties off Etsy. May have been a moment of weakness. Possibly either shameful or wonderful. But no one will ever see them unless I go on another vodka adventure...


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