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Geez, leave me alone, Cancer Care Ontario

On the one hand, I suppose I should be grateful but on the other hand, ick.

So back in like Feb. I got a letter from CancerCare Ontario reminding me I was due for a Pap smear. I knew that already, as I had discussed it with my doctor on a visit no more than 2 weeks before, but they had no way of knowing that, so fair enough.

Then in May, they sent me another reminder. Geez, who are you, my mother, CancerCare Ontario?


I had my physical and my Pap smear in July. A week later, my Doctor’s office called and said it came back normal.

Today, I got a letter from Cancer Care Ontario telling me the same thing. Oh and each letter was accompanied by the same pamphlet on cervical cancer screening. If I didn’t read it the first two times before the test, why would I read it now?

On the one hand I suppose it’s good, but they seem entirely too focused on my cervix. I am a good patient who goes for annual physicals and my doctor is on top of things. I don’t need 3 letters in less than a year from them regarding the same test!

At least I have about a decade until the nagging over mammograms starts.

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