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Geez, Mom!

Tonight, while I was not watching the GOP debate, I saw that a Facebook friend had liked one of those typically horrible right-wing memes, the kind designed to inflame the uneducated. Taken alone, it doesn’t seem like much. It just makes a statement, “ONLY U.S. CITIZENS SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO VOTE IN ELECTIONS!” Then it has, “LIKE = AGREE!” But it also shows a picture of the White House with flags at half mast. The unwritten message, of course, is that NON-US CITIZENS ARE VOTING AND ITS ALL OBAMA’S/THE U.N.’s/LIBERALS FAULT!

Nearly all of the comments on the meme were from people outraged that non-citizens could vote and that this was yet another example of how horrible Obama and the Libs had made America. Of course, only U.S. Citizens are allowed to vote in U.S. Elections. You have to register to vote and only citizens can register. Kids learn this in first grade, don’t they? Everyone should know this. But apparently the Great Stupid Masses do not.


In any case, I shared the meme to my FB page with a short rant. I won’t post the meme here because, frankly, it doesn’t need the publicity and I’ve described it accurately. The Facebook page that created it seems to specialize in horrible right-wing hate memes. They are called “The Political Insider,” so if you want, you can go see their race-baiting hate first hand. Replying to someone’s comment, I had the idea that I should search Facebook for, “My friends who like The Political Insider”’to see if anyone came up. You can use the same search, but substitute in things like “Donald J. Trump” or “Fox News” to see if you have friends who “like” those pages too. I assumed, since I do have “friends” who follow Trump, that I would have a few who also followed the meme page.

And I was right. I have two FB friends who follow The Political Insider. The first is the sound guy at the local dive bar during blues jams. Ok, fine. I don’t follow him anyway. But the other person. Geez.



Yes, you guessed it. Mom! What the hell, mom?!

Now, I know the answer. One of her life-long friends is a right-wing nutjob, and he’s always forwarding her crap via email and Facebook. And, my mom is the most polite person in the world who wants everyone to approve of her. I’m sure she liked the page just to make her friend, Douchebag,* happy. I doubt she gave the meme much thought other than, “that seems fair!” Heck, if my daughter asked her to like an LGBTQ rights page, Mom would do that too.


But, geez, Mom. We have to have a talk about your friend.

* Not his real name.

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