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Geez, take a hint already

I just received the third Facebook friend request from my High School History Teacher in the last few years. I am Facebook friends with my High School French and Religious Studies teacher, and my Grade Five teacher. My high school history teacher is an annoying mansplaining blow hard.

I got a long well with him in High School, until I had to spend 5 1/2 weeks in China with him. The concentrated dose of him was enough to last a lifetime. While he was on the trip he ran down other teachers and a former principal. he seemed completely oblivious to the fact that his comments were unappreciated, and that the people he was running down were held in much high regard than him.

We do have 12 mutual Facebook friends, all former students, which is probably why he keeps trying to friend me.


The only other person I know that I have rejected requests from weirdly enough, was my Grade four teacher, aka the woman who broke a ruler on a desk when she swung it at my best friend and missed.

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