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Gelato - Violenza Domestica edition

OK, so this new Haagen Daz Gelato ad has been running non-stop on Food and Cooking Networks:

And it's absolutely freaking awful. Even as a lucky soul who has never personally endured serious domestic violence, I find it extremely bracing and in poor taste. Not only is it making light of abusive relationships (uhhh yeah, you'll stay together because gelato?) but it perpetuates the ugly stereotype of Italians as borderline psychotic hotheads whose anger is only outstripped by their penchant for sex.


I looked at the Facebook page for this last week and there was a little bit of pushback starting over the obvious DV overtones, but the commercial still seems to be running. Usually commercials bother me just for their sheer grating inanity, but this is something sinister indeed. Thoughts? Other nominees for WTFery in advertisement?

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