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Gender Identity in "Inside Out"

Slight spoilers ahead.

I saw “Inside Out” last night, and just thought of something out of the blue. The main character, Riley, might be intended to be gender fluid. The feelings in Riley’s head are anthropomorphized as clearly gendered identities: three female, two male. However, there are brief glimpses into other people’s heads throughout the movie. Her mother has 5 clearly female-presenting feelings in her head. Her father’s are male. She interacts with a boy around the same age as her at one point, and his are also male-presenting (from what I remember). I don’t remember seeing any other characters that have mixed-gendered feeling characters like Riley does.

There’s also the fact that Riley has a gender-neutral name, and the activities she (she is referred to as a girl by other people in the movie, so I’ll continue to do so) is involved in don’t fall along gender stereotypes either. This alone wouldn’t mean anything, but when combined with the mixed-gender feeling identities... What do you think?


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