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Gender in the workplace: healthcare remix

OH BOY. I just got partnered with the first man to be added to our department on a major, long-term project.

I wanted to meet him before he got dumped in with the rest of the team - being like this is gonna be us as Butch and Sundance - and the first meeting seemed collaborative and pretty okay. We got a beer. He's older than me, has a kid half my age, and seemed appropriate and intelligent. After discussing the project with me for an hour, he asked me why I wasn't offered his position. I told him truthfully that I was, and that I had to turn it down because I felt it would be unfair to the project if I left for medical school after a year.


Now I'm just super weirded out about gender dynamics though. He clearly has worked with a lot of women but he has a very "I AM A DUDE" mentality. I think my confidence level and comfort with the subject material totally terrified him. Also, I'd never heard about guys walking on the outside of a sidewalk? Is that a thing? I think he was just being OCD.

Someone PLEASE tell me that my workplace will remain an underpaid feminist utopia and that we're going to get along like Benson and Stabler.

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