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Gender Role Subversive Toys and Child Gift Ideas UPDATED

Apparently, it's toy day and we already seen GoldieBlox (engineering is for girls!) mentioned, but there are other toys designed to subvert gender roles. I believe that this is a much better mechanism for fighting the bad messaging that highly gendered toys give— to give children toys that include some aspects of gendered toys that many kids of that gender enjoy, while inverting something. I mean... better than complaining that toys are pink or are dress-up dolls, which must be completely eliminated because sexism. Believe it or not, one of the reasons that those toys sell well is that the demographic likes them.

My niece, for instance, loves pink sparkly things, so we buy her pink toy medical kits to go with her (problematic) baby animal doctor Barbie, so she can play Primary Care Physician. My triumph last year, though, was a useful toy to put things in: a pink and lavender dump truck. She puts baby animal doctor Barbie and the medical kit and her other favorite toys in the dump truck and uses that to bring her toys from room to room.


I think she also gets two or three Self-Rescuing Princess shirts every year. They have glitter!

Obviously, not every girl naturally likes pink or sparkles, so there should be girl toys for those girls too, but if the price that we pay for subverting gender roles is that the dump truck is pink, so be it!

It's present buying season for many of us; what's good to buy?

Math anxiety is hard; let's go shopping!

ETA: We keep talking about gender subversive toys for girls but not many for boys. Let's not leave out the boys! They get gender-conforming presents too! I didn't bring up non-conforming boy toys because I'm not shopping for any and thus don't know of any, but we are sorely lacking for boy toy ideas! And just plain gender-inverting ideas! I considered getting a Wonderwoman onsie for a male child that my friends are having but they insisted on gender-neutral, really, they freaking mean it.

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