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Gender, Sexuality, Race, and Class in Comic Books- a Kickstarter I believe in

I feel like I should open by saying THIS IS NOT MY PROJECT. It's a friend's project she asked me to tweet out, and I'm also posting it here because I'd love for her to succeed and I think some of you might be behind it too.

Ladydrawers is a collective of artists that are working on a Chicago-based documentary about "economic, gender-based, and racial representation in the comics industry." The film is called Comics Undressed and since they can speak to the project better than I can, check it out here. I don't really know the rules about promotion on GT but I figured since it's not my project nor will I be making any money off of it, there might be an exception. These are hardworking artists with a lot of talent, and I'd love to see them finish the film (also they're not Zach Braff). If you like comic books and intersectionality, this might be a project for you.

Thanks for checking it out!

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