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Gendered Kid Stuff

I love the hivemind here, I could pick your brains all day long. Okay, this is something that buuuuugs me about being a parent. Gendered kid shit.

My son used to love love love pink, and about a year ago he told me it was a girl color and it broke my heart a little.

Anyhow, tomorrow he turns 6 (!) and I just got back from Target, where I loaded up on little non-food goodies (per one of my recent questions). One item I bought for each kid was an 8 pack of specialty Crayola crayons. Some are new colors, like neon, but some are either pirate or princess themed.


Do I split them out and maybe tie on a pink ribbon to the bags appropriate for girls and blue for boys? My instinct is to just do them all willy nilly and let the kids trade, but I imagine that might cause issues/tears/craziness, something I want to avoid for the sanity of the teacher.

I know I am overthinking this, but I can’t decide...

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