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Gendering babies

Finding purple clothes that don't have the word princess on it is extremely hard. My boy loves purple. He always chooses the purple toys. And he has two because all his toys are gifts from people and people buy boring grey and brown toys for boys (wich is still very nice, I mean, just always with the gendering). And my niece looooves green but her mom and my m.i.l. Always buy her pink toys and pink clothes and unpractical dresses. It just bums me out. My in-laws are constantly gendering their two grandkids and though they are adorable and helpful and all-aroung really good people, it's hard not to get angry. They're babies. They exhibit the exact same behaviours but my boy is described as "such a boy" when he does the exact same thing as his cousin.

I cannot change them and I think they're an important part of my kid's life, but it's already tiring to know that I'll have to counter that gendering influence all my life, from the people closest to us. And it breaks my heart for my niece and her lack of green clothes, wich really isn't all that dramatic, I know, but I like to think spoiling babies with stuff they love is ok.


Oh well, at least, I got my dad to buy my boy pink and purple toys.

The reinforcement starts young, you guys.

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