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Genderqueer Activist Teen's Skirt Set on Fire in Oakland

This story was reported on Monday as a man in a kilt falling asleep on the bus and another passenger lighting his kilt on fire. Now more details have come out and they're totally depressing. Sasha was born male but identifies as non-binary gender/genderqueer and prefers singular "they." They is (are? I'm unfamiliar with the appropriate grammar here so I'm going with singular verbs) an activist for legal recognition of non-binary gender. They was attacked on public transit near their home by a 16-year old who has been arrested, and they has third-degree burns on their legs that require surgery, which starts today.

However, because the accused assailant is underage, it is unclear at this time whether he attended the same school as Sasha or had some other connection to them. Public transit here has cameras to record criminals who commit crimes on the bus, and the assailant was identified after the footage was viewed.

A fund to cover Sasha's medical bills quickly reached $20k and was closed, presumably until the cost of the treatment is clearer.


We're supposed to be better than this, Bay Area.

ETA: Cauliflora brought up that the assailant has been charged as an adult and charged with a hate crime. At least he stated to police that he did it because he's "homophobic." His mother says he's not and he's really just a good kid. Argh.

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