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GenderSwap/GenderFlip Primer and Cosplay

Someone sent me a great article about gender flipping that covered several recent examples (not Blurred Lines), but really, I just wanted an excuse to post this awesome gender-flipped cosplay pic from this article (original attribution).

I especially like Emmett Frost's +10 Codpiece of Protection. I also wanted an excuse to remind people of the Hawkeye Initiative cosplay. And as if to prove that the Hawkeye Initiative and Jim C. Hines aren't the only ones contorting themselves IRL, the ad at the bottom ended up in my facebook feed recently (company name redacted because screw you).


ETA: Due to attribution elsewhere of the Emma Frost genderswap cosplay being called Emmett Frost, I changed the name. Thanks Scarlet Herring for the correction.

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