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Gene Kelly in Shorts!

This week, TCM had a "pirate" day, and I taped all of it. I'm just getting around to watching it all. I started with the Bob Hope one, The Princess and the Pirate. So bad. I mean, good-bad. So many cheesy jokes that would have been hilarious at the time, but now are only funny to the theatrically educated. (One liners about Frank Sinatra, Gypsy Rose Lee, Charley's Aunt, for example.) I would not have understood this movie, even 5 years ago. So I got most of the way through and couldn't take the silliness anymore. So I moved on to Gene Kelly and Judy Garland in The Pirate. Gene is an actor with a troupe in the Caribbean, and he falls for Judy instantly, but he lies to her about who he is, pretending to be her favorite pirate (yes, she has a favorite pirate).


Anyways, it's fun and frothy and Gene Kelly has the best pants in town and I can watch the movie without literally looking at the screen every second. I glance up, and what do I see?

COSTUME CHANGE! Gene Kelly's fantastic, tanned thighs!! What?! 1840s Caribbean, and here's some fun little cutoffs for ya! I'm not complaining, just thoroughly suprised. And I had to share the knowledge.
See this movie, if you get the chance and you'll love Gene Kelly. (apparently, this movie is famous for that outfit, but I'd never seen or heard of it before.)

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