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Gene Simmons declares New York Music Scene to be Bullshit

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Apparently New Yorkers, you have never produced a band that was an important musical phenomenon. Not one. You'll never live up to Detroit. NEVER. Even Boston had Aerosmith. And House of Pain (ok, that last one was a joke) but New Kids on the Block and New Edition which became Bel Biv Devoe. But New York.... NOTHIN' GUYS! NOTHIN'. You just got Kiss and you fucked that up. How do you like that? You fucking ruined Christmas, guys. As usual.

"It bears noting that New York City, perhaps the most important city on the face of the planet, never gave the world a worldwide musical phenomenon that could play stadiums and arenas around the world, other than KISS. Not one," said Gene Simmons, who was born in Israel six months more than 64 years ago as Chaim Witz.

"Ted Nugent, Bob Seger, there were a ton of bands out of Detroit," Gene Simmons continued. "England gave the world thousands of bands: the Beatles and the Stones. Even Jimi Hendrix, an American, came out of England. New York City gave the world nothing. New York City gave the world KISS: one band and we didn't make it in NY, we made it in Detroit."

Simmons also noted that while Motown came out of Detroit, "there's not a musical scene that came out of New York, not disco, not rock, nothing!"


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