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General Apology (sub-blogs / group blogs)

I want to issue a general apology to everyone who is worried about the splintering off into specialized blogs. I wanted to document the process for creating a new Group Blog in a more manageable manner than the help files. Because there are some awesome ways to take advantage of this. And to have a post to assist with the process. And I'm happy to do so as I can.

But I also want to say, that for a lot of these things, the thing that makes Groupthink, Oppositelock, ObservationDeck, Clashtalk, CrossTalk, Hackerspace, WhiteNoise and others truly special is that they are semi-targeted general purpose areas. And there are opinions that range the gamut for each community. I would hate to think that I provided a guide to weaken the existing communities.


On OppositeLock we had a very growing Hot Wheels trading program, which for the people who were using it, loved to see these posts, but they were of very little interest to the rest of the community. I created a subblog for them and they ran with it, to the delight of both communities.

I am hoping that the majority of the successful subblogs capitalize on areas that aren't really covered, or that are best handled by themselves and don't cannibalize the communities from which they came. That's my hope.

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