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General Assembly - Yay or Nay?

Has anyone taken a General Assembly course, specifically their Digital Marketing?

My organization is currently paying me below what my position was advertised for due to my “lack of experience” (because I just graduated, even though I had relevant internships and jobs previously), and I want them to make up the difference by paying for a course that would make me a more valuable employee and provide me useful skills. I work in development for a non-profit, and we’re woefully, woefully behind the decade. My boss keeps talking about audience development, getting our name out their, etc., and I think cultivating more of a digital presence and reaching people through those means would really help.

I’d really like to get some more formal training in digital marketing, and the General Assembly class seems pretty great, and it’s conveniently located. They have mixed reviews about their coding classes, but while the marketing one has fewer reviews it’s also more positively viewed. Anyone have any thoughts, experiences, horror stories?


(I’m also hoping that maybe they’d reduce the rate for a non-profit as an in kind donation, but, hahaha seriously doubt it.)

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