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Welcome To The Bitchery
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General Friday OT

You know, if you don’t have anything to say fuck it to or any cute pictures of your pet, come on over in here!

My thoughts for the day are:

  • Is anyone else very...psychosomatic I think is the word I want? Like your mental issues all express themselves physically? Like I go about my daily life and I’m like, oh this is fine, I’m not stressed, I can deal with these things. And then yesterday, as I sat in the dentist’s chair while she fixed the tooth I cracked by clenching my teeth so hard every night, and then gave me botox for my frown/stress lines, and then called my teledoctor** because I realized I was also getting a cold sore (which is usually stress/immune related for me) I started to be like wow Violet maybe you’re not really dealing with stress as well as you’d think lol. Don’t even get me started on my emotions vs weight gain unrelated to what I’m eating.
  • I thought I’d hate wfh but it turns out I love it. If I could do like 2-3 days in the office and then the rest at home I think it would be a dream. Also, being back in the office this week has made me realize how much waste there is. At home I use towels and I can compost stuff and keep the temperature reasonable. At work it’s just paper towel after paper towel and throwing stuff out and wearing sweatshirts to be warm when its 90 degrees out. I love my little well ordered home life! and I HATE that going to work now means I’m no longer quarantined; it drops my social life down because I can’t see some of the small group of friends I was starting to see again before I was exposed every day.
  • We have a tropical storm heading our way and usually I’d be in heightened anxiety mode and getting ready. Turns out, since Ive been in heightened anxiety mode for months now, this feels super chill and I’m not stressing out! So that’s a real silver lining.

Whats up with yall? Anybody actually have weekend plans now that things are opening up?

** for anyone who gets cold sores, Valtrex is amazing. Call, get a prescription for two doses, take in one day and your cold sore will be stopped in it’s tracks. A lot of doctors will give you several doses you can use in the future too. I regret the wasted years of no insurance/not knowing this and suffering through them. Esp now, which an open sore on the mouth seems SO dangerous.

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