Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

General inconsequential gripe, also maybe humblebrag?

Humblebrag out of the way first - I think the first manuscript out of my thesis is gonna get published shortly. I submitted the fucking thing in June and they got back to me with reviewer comments last week, and told me to get it in before Jan 31 or it would be considered a resubmit - lol COOL OKAY. The requested revisions are pretty superficial and largely have to do with graph aesthetics and readability, and massaging someone’s ego by citing his paper more (bro, your paper sucked, but okay).

HOWEVER... turns out that making the teensiest aesthetic fixes means that the whole order of the paper needs to get shifted about, and I can.not.be.fucked. You know that way when you go through a doorway, your brain has a blip and you forget what you’re doing? I have that every time I move windows in working with the data plots and text for this paper, and it’s making me lose my marbles because I’m spending literally half my time saying to myself, “Now what am I doing here? Might as well check my email!” and then being distracted and looking at cats.


So, yay for manuscripts! Boo for having dementia brain in my 30s!

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