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General Life Update!

Here is a simulation of my house before my girlfriend left on her business trip and after I did some general tidying up:

Her stuff is crammed into her bar-library (that’s what we turned the living room closet into!) and into her closet. I still need to wipe down the sink in the bathroom of what she calls her “fairy dust”, aka all of the debris from the makeup she puts on.


Living in sin has so far been alright. Little Dude is still adjusting to her kinda loud and unpredictable actions. He also hates not sleeping in the same room, close enough to hear me sleeping, but he’s getting better at all of it. The apartment has had some challenges. The leaky roof in the sunroom has not been fixed yet, so it’s sitting empty and my furniture pieces that are supposed to go in there are still tucked away in corners of my office. It’s alright, though, because it’s been around 90F every day since we’ve moved except for one. The door to her closet has fallen off a hinge, and because she doesn’t know where she placed her garage remote, my car was locked inside of it for two days.

But on the bright side, we’re living really cozy. Curling up together on the couch every night has been nice. And when Little Dude isn’t reacting to her being loud, they’re really sweet together. I also love that we can enjoy time in separate ends of the apartment and not hear each other at all. Though it is hilarious to hear her yell long song titles to Alexa, fuck it up in the middle, and then have Alexa tell her she can’t find it.

This week with the girlfriend away eating fancy food with rich colleagues, I’m keeping meals simple. Tonight: crockpot ravioli lasagna and a raspberry crumble for dessert.

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