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General travel whining [inane]

OMG you guys I knew my e-reader is basically a security blanket, but the panic when I realized at the airport that my E-reader was not with me. There were actual physical tears.

I don’t have a fear of flying, I just have general travel anxiety. Usually more pre-travel anxiety that I mitigate with certain pre-travel rituals like making sure I have everything in place, staying up into the wee hours of the morning tidying, pottering around making sure everything is done and laying my clothes out, and getting to the airport like four hours early. And making sure I have plenty to read. My e-reader came downstairs with me this morning and was supposed to go onto the left-hand pocket of my awesome travel trench coat that fits books and water bottles. But I got distracted by an email I had to send before I caught the shuttle, and in the last five minute crunch my book didn’t get to my pocket.

I’ve had some wine and am at the gate in plenty of time. I have music and bought 2 books in the airport bookstore. It should be enough to keep me for an 11 hour flight. But ... I had my reading lined up, I was in the middle of something familiar and calming, and I had two of the Hugo nominees to read and consider.


And my flight is delayed due to ongoing aircraft maintenance. I need more wine.

Edit : and now we’ve had our first actual pre-boarding announcement do I have a dilemma as to whether or not to run two gates down to bit another overpriced wine before I board. I had an antihistamine earlier do that might be a very bad idea.

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