Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So in yesterday’s news roundup, I posted about this International General Women’s Strike, coauthored by Angela Davis:

Today, the Women’s March leaders have been circulating this:


A couple of points - I hope they are working in coalition with the strike already organized for an international strike, but the date TBD makes me doubtful about that.

The second point is that while I was heartened to see the massive turnouts at the march, doubling expectations everywhere, I don’t expect the same level of activism to happen here. I hope I am very wrong, but this is getting people to move beyond brunch protesting and directly impacting their work. I’m in, but I am also pretty convinced I’ll be the only one on my team who is. This is where Kara Brown’s piece about the Women’s March is dead on; I want to trust white women, but I don’t know if I can when something of theirs is on the line.

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