This week I:

  1. Officially started crossfit, something I've wanted to do for a long time but haven't.
  2. Found a new place to live and am so happy to be getting out of what I am realizing more and more is a terrible living situation.
  3. Tried Muay Thai with GreenHunk. It was fun but I'm unsure how it's going to fit into my "new" life I'm in the midst of starting.
  4. Was abnormally social by meeting people from online IRL.
  5. Talked to my professor, told him what's up with me, and figured out the easiest way possible for me to complete my degree. I'm so ready to completely rid myself of all things related to my degree so I can finally start other things (CF & maybe Muay Thai) and approach them in a healthy manner. Something I never did with the field my degree is in.
  6. Figured out a new method of trying to date that will make me feel like I'm doing something even though I'm not really. That would be replying to ads on CL. If there's an ad that is good and genuine I'm going to send a good and genuine response. Even if they don't respond it still feels like I'm doing something, so it feels productive. Sent one off last night and we've had a few more emails since. She's into cool stuff and is cute, but is one of those who never asks questions back. Seems eager to respond, but isn't propelling the conversation herself. Gonna have to let that one go I think.
  7. My cool roommate is having a party this weekend she keeps trying to convince me to attend (as opposed to holing up in my room or leaving the house). I have refused, like many times before, but for the first time in a long time for good reasons. I don't have fun at parties and I always come out of them feeing terrible about myself. No matter how positive I try to be its never a good time. And I realized there is no need to keep trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. I'm refusing to put myself in a situation that leads me to self loathing. I'm not going because I know I'll have a good time doing hate r I want to do on that night, and I'm feeling good making this decision with confidence that it's the way I like it. I'm me.

Overall, I'd say it's been a pretty decent week