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Generally I like this new layout but is it just me or does it make it even less likely that commenters who aren't already one of The Annointed will have their comments read? It's an awful lot of clicking to be able to be able to read everything, not just what Kinja thinks you should read.

The pink/unstarred/starred system wasn't perfect and yeah there was an unavoidable feeling of a hierarchy between starred and unstarred commenters, but the key difference was that *comments posted chronologically*. Not being a commenter who wasn't already well known and had a million followers didn't mean that you were pushed somewhere to the bottom of the pile. And because the task of un pinking first time commenters was shared between *everyone* who was starred, not just the editors and Annointed few moderators, a new commenter who said something that was sensible and on topic got un pinked pretty much straight away. So the hierarchy was balanced out by the fact that whatever your colour, the playing field was basically even because comments were published in the order they were made.


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