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Generation KKK on A&E a new reality show, an idiotic cluster(fill in blank) of a disaster

This show will focus on members of the KKK and family members who oppose their beliefs. A&E is trying to create a dialogue.Well this right here is their first problem. Having a dialogue makes both sides equal. Racist views is not equal to nonracist views. It makes racist views as acceptable as nonracist views.

Reality shows by their own nature create stars. Why do I have a 100 percent feeling these KKK family members at least one will be a reality tv star. People just have to think “yeah (person) is a racist but he loves his family, goes to Church, handsome, entertaining and ok he is a racist but just a character flaw”.


Yet in some ways this is the next step from making stars of a homophobic right wing christian right family of duck hunters.

Also the title. What exactly is this generation? Naming a generation like this the standard should be “does at least have fit in the KKK catagory to call them this”.

This metwork should have stayed The Storage Wars Netwok. I wish Storage Wars was returning instead.

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