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I got an e-mail from a school I adjunct for this morning that was a "special invitation" to some sort of special luncheon thing, featuring an address by a public figure who I don't have a whole lot of respect for. But whatever, it's good to have all kinds of viewpoints and so on. Here's the kicker, though: as part of this special offer, adjuncts — adjuncts! — are being offered the "opportunity" to purchase up to two tickets for the discount (!?!) price of $125.


I'm just stunned by the gall of this: they are seriously acting as though adjuncts would be grateful for the chance to drop $250 for an event taking place when many of them would be teaching. Are they totally unaware of how little we get paid? Or the fact that we sign a document at the beginning of each semester that basically says, "I only have this job at the whim of my employers, who have no obligation to me beyond paying me on time if they feel like it."

I really want to fire off a sarcastic response, but I'm hesitant to — see above, re: at-will employment. I just need a space to vent about it, which I have done now. Thank you for your time. This message may self-destruct.

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