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Has anyone else had their DNA tested for ancestry and/or genetic medical reasons?

I just got back my results. I am - underwhelmed? I used 23andme because they tested for conditions that I know I have. I wanted to see the accuracy, and I wanted to confirm/debunk family beliefs about our ancestry.

My thoughts -

The testing for medical markers: A word of caution. I have a diagnosed, and confirmed by genetic testing, condition. There are 13 different markers/factors that can cause the condition. 23andme only tests for the 2 most common ones - ones that I do not have. If I was going by this as my “answer” to if I needed to be on the look out for symptoms, I would be given a false negative. Read all the details, as it does tell in the fine print they only test for 2 of the 13 markers.


My fatness is validated as a genetic predisposition. My muscle composition is that of an “elite power athlete.” Interesting, but again in the fine print, it says that only gives a 3-5% advantage, and then only with intense training. Meh.

Ancestry: We have zero Native American ancestry, despite my cousin’s insistence that we do. I am Whitey McWhiterson, as I expected, with a large chunk of “broad Northwestern European” that translates as “mutt,” along with some additional specific percentages for ancestries that fit in that same broad category. 

I was intrigued that nearly 20% is Eastern and Southern European. I think I have an explanation for the Eastern European. (My great grandmother came over from Prussia, and always declared herself German. It is probable that she was genetically Polish.) The Southern European (Iberian) is a complete mystery.  

Overall it is interesting, but doesn’t do much to change my outlook on who I am. (No luck in finding a compelling link to any specific country that would allow me to apply for dual citizenship or anything like that.)


Anyone else want to share their experiences?

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