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Genetic Testing!

My sister took one of those genetic tests to find out what our backgrounds were, and the results were pretty surprising.

It dispelled a lot of the family legends. One, that we had Native American ancestry (0%). Pretty shocking as we had grown up thinking we had been related to the Cherokee. Another story was that our family was Gypsy, but according to the test we have only 0.1% Asian ancestry (not Native American). The majority was northern and eastern European and a tiny bit southern European, absolutely no African. BUT, I think the finest finding was: My sister and I are 3.1% Neanderthal! I always knew deep down that I was a caveman, and this proves my suspicions all along. Supposedly, the average European is 2.7% Neanderthal. I will accept this heritage proudly.

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This leaves some questions though, why are my dad, my sister and I so dark if most of our DNA is northern Europeans? Do we just get outside more than my med-tech mom? (oh fuck, I think I solved the final mystery)

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