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Genetics are weird

I’m sitting here watching my two year make various “beds” for her stuffed animals and dolls and superheroes (and an attempted one for a live dog- it failed) and she is boggling my mind. She is a carbon copy of me- but has my husband’s coloring, and mannerisms. Now, I may just be tired, but isn’t that weird, how the DNA got all mixed up like that, and I got an exact (and I mean photocopy pretty much, except she’s prettier than I was- longer lashes, better defined cheek bones- but if you put b&w copies of our baby pics next to each other you’d be hard pressed to tell who was who). But the coloring she has (except her hair- I have lighter hair than my husband- she got my curls and my lighter hair) and the faces she makes are all my husband, which you would think would be learned, but are apparently genetic. It tickles me. I’m also thrilled she did not get his webbed toes.

Any interesting genetic quirks running around in your family that surprised you? On my friends side of the fam, no one can (will?) pronounce Tylenol. theres no y the way they say it- 3 generations deep.


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