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Gentle Reminder: Republicans can't do whatever they want now if they want to keep their majorities

I try to limit the amount of self-soothing opinion piece reading I do, but this one pulled together some thoughts I’ve had in my mind regarding the repeal of Obamacare. Like, it can’t just be that easy. And it’s not.

Some of these dickbags talking big about an Obamacare repeal are facing elections in 2018. We need to hold their feet to the fire, particularly if they fall in our districts.

The most comfort to me came from this part of the linked piece:

And then there are the hordes of sympathetic interest groups who are about to descend on Washington. In 2017, you may hear quite a lot from the Alliance for Healthcare Security. Liberals did their legwork and organized a mammoth coalition to defend Obamacare, which already includes “1199 SEIU United Healthcare Workers East, Alliance for Retired Americans, American Medical Student Association, [insert one million more organization names here], and the United Spinal Association.” Americans by and large like their doctors, and when doctors start warning of a health-care crisis, many lawmakers will buckle at the knees. (The American Medical Association has already warned that it will oppose any plan that takes away coverage, which presumably would nix a plan that offers access but not actual coverage.)


So you have lawmakers worried about pissing off their constituents, worried about pissing off insurance companies, and then an army of medical organizations ready to do battle.

My brother-in-law is autistic and bipolar, and lives with my in-laws. They are not wealthy, and very reliant on his disability benefits, as well as Medicare. They are absolutely terrified of what an Obamacare repeal might mean, and so am I. I really, really hope this writer is correct.

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