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George Pal's War of The Worlds best alien invasion movie but huge problem

My mother once described that far too many 50s through mid60s movies showed women to be emotionally stuck as children what she calls woman-child. One reason she will watch few of these movies.

I saw War of the Worlds on OnDemand again. I loved it as a child. I still rank this as the best alien invasion movie ever. Its tight, documentary style at times and has no side stories. I last watched it in the 90s. Anne Robinson’s character is the major problem in the otherwise perfect movie.

I blame the writers totally. They created essentially a child in an adult body. She screamed a lot, she put her and Forrester in danger so much so he had to cover her mouth lest the Martians spot them.


She saw her uncle incinerated, soldiers and planes destroyed. They were in a house in which the Martians surrounded it. Forrester hit a Martian. She started screaming when she saw a drop of blood on her scarf. Seriously? Yeah scream and let the Martians attack since they know exactly where you are.

Throughout many parts Forrester the scientist and main character was protecting her and himself.

Its like the writers thought “having an 6 year old makes little sense so how about an adult woman instead”.

The idea he could fall for her was mindblowing. When he was looking for her in LA. Seriously great FX with the Martians blowing up LA. I was thinking “how many times is it that her behavior put not just her at risk but you?”.


No movie today would create a character like her. She was the Hollywood definition of a woman-child. Even a young grade school child would not be written so badly.

Watch the movie. I cannot praise it enough but be warned that you will be thinking “god almighty why is he still with her, she is going to get both of them killed”. Along with “what idiot wrote the role of Sylvia”.


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