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George RR Martin Loves Breaking Bad

I thought this was pretty cool. It makes sense but its kind of weird to me that George RR Martin exists in the same world that I do and would have opinions on the other stuff I like. Someone should ask him if he enjoys Adventure Time.

Not only is he a super fan, he also found last Sunday's Breaking Bad episode a real gut punch. (SEE HOW IT FEELS, GEORGE? NOT GOOD. STOP KILLING ALL THE COOL CHARACTERS.) He even thinks Walter White is more evil than anyone on Game of Thrones. "Walter White is a bigger monster than anyone in Westeros. I need to do something about that." More evil than Joffrey? More evil than Ramsay Snow? I find it awesome and terrifying that Breaking Bad is inspiring Martin to go EVEN DARKER with his characters.


This got me to thinking, Bryan Cranston is going to be free for a while so why not pretend he could be in the upcoming seasons of Game of Thrones? Who could he be cast as? He's more White than I imagined the character in the book, but I think he could make an incredible Doran Martell. He would make a perfect sick and kindly old man, who below the surface is holding a burning drive for revenge.

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