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George Takei Accused Of Sexual Assault

Happened in 1981 when Takei was in his 40s he is accused of groping an unconscious 23 year old in Takei’s home.

Why can’t people just keep their hands to themselves and sexual thoughts to themselves. I am so angry at people in positions of power sexually assaulting people.


In the past week three actors have been accused of sexual assault with victims of same gender, all young men. They were Kevin Spacey, Charlie Sheen (I assume he is bisexual) and now Takei. You know what’s going to happen?

It will feed into a stereotype that older gay men want and will assault young men because sex is all they care about. That they are not to be trusted since they just want young men. I recall this stereotype rearing up during the Catholic Priest SexScandal where some people were equating homosexuality with child molestation.

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