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George Will Digs Himself into Deeper Hole

George Will responded to a group of Senators who were upset at his inaccurate, misguided, and terrible column on campus sexual assault. (I stand by my original assertion that he is a product of white male privilege and not only doesn't know better but doesn't want to know better.)

You can read Will's full response here. In it, he claims that he takes sexual assault just as seriously as the Senators do, but then he goes onto reiterate his disgust with the "broad definition." For those of you who missed it, Will doesn't want to include nonconsenual touching in the definition of assault. He's clearly more concerned about who gets accused of sexual assault than the accusers themselves.


But the final turd topping on this word salad is this gem:

And speaking of counter-intuitive, consider assumptions about how to assign responsibilities regarding sexual intimacies: Do the four of you, or do I, have more confidence in what feminism once valuably asserted — the fact that women are the equals of men in possession of moral agency?

It took many centuries for this, too, to become broadly and firmly accepted in law and culture. All of us concerned about justice, and about the culture of mutual respect between young men and women, should think long and hard about how their behaviors are judged and responsibilities assigned.

Oh, George, it doesn't matter if men and women finally become equals in terms of moral agency. Sexual assault can still very much exist with or without gender equality. That's why you see it on college campuses in first world countries and in war zones in third world countries. It's a weapon of a power that doesn't acknowledge gender equality in the first place.

If you're truly concerned about judgment and assigned responsibilities, then you should be equally concerned that some education institutions are deliberately hiding and shielding known predators on their campuses.


Then again, we should expect nothing less from a man who literally never attended a higher education institution that admitted women anyway.

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