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George Zimmerman's Wife left the Night before he Killed Trayvon

Turns out not murderer and known domestic abuser George Zimmerman had a falling out with his wife the night before he "defended himself" against unarmed teen Trayvon Martin. It looks like she isn't feeling so good about getting back together with him either.

Despite obviously hating him, Shellie Zimmerman was good enough to declare guilty to perjury for lying about how much money they raised for his defense fund.


George Zimmerman never hit her, though:

During the ordeal she said she wished she stood up for herself more and that she felt like she was directed to do a lot of things by George and relinquished a lot of control to him, but she said she did so because she did not want to stress him out.

“George has never laid a hand on me nor has he ever used any sort of force. I was concerned that we were living in something that we’d never experienced before and that there is a first time for everything….I just always had that kind of fear in the back of mind,” she said.

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